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2016 LYS Comedians for Facebook

Linda Gutman

Linda is a retired Kindergarten teacher who credits her humorous and youthful outlook on life to working with 5 year olds. Hailing from “La Belle Province” of Quebec, she made the move, with family in tow, to Alberta 20 years ago and is now a true Calgarian.  Nature walks in the Rocky Mountains are her passion now, along with her hubby, 2 married kids, and 2 adorable grandkids! As a stand-up comedian, Linda says her ultimate dream has finally come true………that is “making my friends and family line up and pay good money just to see ME!”

2016 LYS Comedians for Facebook2

Danielle Braitman

“Danielle hails from the mountainous terrain of Regina, Saskatchewan. When she isn’t spouting comedy gold, she spends her days up to her elbows in oil, healing the world one back at a time. In her free time she enjoys long bike rides, volunteering, and talking to her mother on the phone. ”

2016 LYS Comedians for Facebook3

Joel Zimmerman

Joel is the Calgary JCC’s Youth and Teen Coordinator, a.k.a the one who puts up with Calgary’s teens when their parents kick them out of the house on a Sunday afternoon. He is a graduate student studying to become the only Counselling Psychologist dealing exclusively with mitigating the effects of Jewish maternal guilt. He recently got married to the lovely Genna Barsky, and will never get tiered for being asked ” So…hows married life?”

2016 LYS Comedians for Facebook4

Alana Fischer

Alana grew up as a socially awkward girl in Winnipeg. She is now a socially awkward girl in Calgary who worries that she may have finally reached an age where it is no longer okay to refer to herself as a “girl”. She moved to Calgary following her parents, and a rent-free spare bedroom in their basement. Alana enjoys you-tube videos and sorbet -she really likes sorbet.

2016 LYS Comedians for Facebook5

Joy Feldman

Joy has been a lawyer, a clown, an event planner, a producer, an actress, a volunteer, a mom and has done stand –up comedy. Apparently, she can neither keep a job nor make up her mind what she wants to do when she grows up! Thank goodness Joy has a fabulous husband Max, a delicious daughter Stephanie, and a large close network of family and friends to support her delusion that she’s funny … humor her!